We are aware of the time and pressure a team can feel when producing complex reports that collate data from several sources and many individuals and organisations. We aim to automate and simplify the process for the users taking the pressure away in the secure knowledge that the data is accurate and the report can easily be produced.

Fudging a report or presentation may seem like the best thing to do at the time but often leaves users spending far too long trying to change colours, typography and page layout to match the company’s brand.

We create branded Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign templates with built-in automation and user control to manage complex document workflows and publishing processes.

Professionally designed and constructed templates give business users the confidence to prepare reports, proposals and presentations while reducing inefficiency and training costs.

We have partnered with Templafy, to manage, dynamically update and share business templates and brand assets throughout your organisation, from anywhere and from any device.

We provide a DOC-U-FIX service that enables users to call on help if things go awry.


  • We do this by analysing the way in which documents are created from initial drafts through to publication of the final document.
  • We take data and transform it so that it can be easily read in documents or presentations.
  • We create document workflows using templates that contain the company’s branding along with automation to help produce beautiful documents and manage repetitive or complex tasks.
  • We teach users how to work through the document workflows using tools within the chosen applications so that they can produce the appropriate document whether to pass on to next person in the workflow or as the final product.

Financial reports incorporating data from numerous sources.
Board level reports incorporating data from several sources.
InDesign xml list templates for use with xml data feeds.
Production systems for daily publishing of material from multiple sources.
An editorial workflow from author’s final draft to a xml tagged file ready for conversion.
Author/publisher report templates and workflow.
Author/publishers report templates for multiple branded projects.
Microsoft Word report template to Adobe InDesign report template and workflow.
Workflow for creating Microsoft Word forms which are then converted to Adobe Acrobat.
Dynamic Excel dashboards for summarising and analysing complex data.
Excel templates for capturing external data.
Excel chart and large table templates.
Branded stationery for individual or multiple authors.
PowerPoint presentation templates.